Why am I sometimes charged when I place a bid?

 For some high-value items, we might reserve a payment on your credit card if you place a bid. But don’t worry! We’ll always ask your permission first. 


And if you aren’t the highest bidder, the charge won’t go through and the money will stay in your account. Just keep in mind that, depending on your bank, it might take some time for the money to become available to you again.


If you’re the highest bidder, we’ll deduct this amount from your final invoice, so you won’t pay extra. You can then pay the rest by heading to the ‘My won lots’ section of your account.


The amount we reserve will be the same as your bid amount, unless you bid over €1,000. For bids above €1,000, we’ll reserve €1,000.


If you’re the highest bidder and this charge goes through, but the sale ends up being cancelled, we’ll refund you within 10 business days.

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